Eight: 52



the 52 project
Portraits of my main squeezes, every Sunday.

O, this week you…

…happily agreed to share your room with a new feline friend while we get her and Kitzman used to each other. It gives you a sense of responsibility and pride to be entrusted to keep her safe, and she’s amazingly tolerant of your roughhousing.

…made a new human friend, too. You’re still tight-lipped about your adventures at Nature Day every week, but I could tell you’re excited about him.

…reminded me that it’s okay if we don’t cross every item off the list. And boy, we sure had fun once I figured that out. Remember how awful the sledding hill was? The snow was so hard it was like sledding down a pile of granite rubble. We laughed and squealed through all the ridiculous discomfort, trudging up and tumbling down until we couldn’t take it anymore.

C, this week you…

…started tapping the maples. I AM SO EXCITED.

…worked so hard and were so tired and sore every evening, but still we managed to: have our lovely neighbors over for a potluck dinner (in the middle of the week, even!), find a moment for a game of Fluxx, this one, and we didn’t even fall asleep in the middle of it, AND there might even have been a cuddly evening of passive entertainment and cocoa. I’m proud of us for making it a priority to carve out a little time to just be with each other even though we have heavy plates and many cares. It all feels lighter when we allow ourselves to be held by what we work so hard for. I love you so.


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