Thirteen: 52





the 52 project
Portraits of my main squeezes, every Sunday.

O, this week you…

…will be eight-years-old on Tuesday. My mind = completely blown. It’s a long day, a school-at-school day and then a get-dragged-to-a-different-school-where-mama-teaches-a-knitting-class-in-the-afternoon sort of long day. Sorry about that. Tuesday doesn’t know it’s your birthday…it’s just being a normal, very busy Tuesday. But, there will be pie when we get home. Blueberry-raspberry, as you requested. We’ll be trying this.

…wiggled and wiggled and wiggled and still that bottom tooth is hanging by the toughest little thread. You like to gross me out by twirling it around with your tongue. Ew.

…had a pretty fantastic time painting eggs with your best buddies. We skipped the dye and went for tempera, Craypas, stamps and some super-fun embossing powder. The results were delightful. Even Kitty Kitzman got an egg.

…were so happy to be allowed outside without woolen long underwear. The sun, the sun!


C, this week you…

…manned three separate fires at once…in the house, in the greenhouse, and at the evaporator, all while making decent progress on next year’s firewood supply. It made me want to sew you a flame-covered superhero costume.


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