Fifteen: 52



the 52 project.
Portraits of my main squeezes, every Sunday (or Monday…oops).

O, this week you…

…had the sickies and ickies, which is rare for you. It gave us a quiet, cozy day with lots of story time (we finished The Porcupine Year…so good) and there was a decent bit of laying on the floor pushing cars around in a listless sort of way. Just one quiet day, though, and then you were right as rain and bouncing off the walls again.

…delighted in the freak snow that fell on your sick day. It was such a perfect time to snuggle, really, however annoyed I was to see our garden beds disappear under a white blanket. April snow is a fleeting thing, thankfully, and almost every trace has vanished.

…welcomed some strange new friends into your life. They like to watch us watch them.

C, this week you…

…put up with my bringing home of the above-mentioned strange friends with grace, even though the last thing we need right now is another set of pets.

…humored me when, after a long day of work, you came home to find me tangled in webbing, trying to get the goats on their leads. We took them for a bit of an evening walk…okay, I guess they took us for the walk. Okay, I was dragged along while the goats walked us. Ahem.


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