Twenty-One: 52


 the 52 project.
Portraits of my main squeezes, every week.

O, this week you…

…spent many hours of the cold, wet days this weekend fully immersed in creating a haunted castle with your Legos.

…wanted us to spend all our hours playing with it, too.

….got so mad when we had other things we needed to work on. Lots of bummer energy this week. I think we all got a necessary recharge when the sun finally came out yesterday!

…befriended a border collie who insisted your throw a piece of bark for him about 900 times.

…pitched in to help with the garden prep and happily took an ax to the fallen pine to help get it cleaned up. Thanks, buddy…we’re almost there!


C, this week you…

…stopped sometimes. Just to be. You needed that.


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