Come Into My Garden: 3


The dill is ready, but the pickling cucumbers have barely begun. Oh, well, I’ll add these little fireworks of the garden to several jars of fermented dilly beans over the weekend and sow a new handful of dill seeds into a freshly harvested garlic bed.


Fairy watermelons? Remember these? I forgot to order seeds last summer, so it’s been two years since the season of Epically Adorable Pickles:


That is a pint jar, and we popped those things like candy for many months.

The main excitement this week, besides harvesting green beans and inspecting the drying progress of garlic braids, is in the wee corn patch. This color? Intriguing.


The bees, thankfully, are loving on it, and we hope for full ears of sweet blue kernels (that stay blue when you cook them!), and plenty of them. We have not yet had luck with sweet corn up here on the hill, but these seem promising.


The japanese beetles are a force to be reckoned with this year, however, and I’ve had to pick them out of the silks with tweezers. They have a thing for the corn and tomatillos, especially, with a bit of everything else on the side.


This weekend, the 2nd round of peas and greens will be sown. We are hoping for a fall crop of shelling peas, since the Spring round just sort of fizzled. Nightshades are only just starting to flower, so we have a long way to go this season, but here, I have enough of this for at least one cup of tea:


…and it’s been cool enough the past few days to want it HOT!

Harvesting this week:

Green Beans (tons!)
Pak Choi
Misc. Herbs

Sowing 2nd plantings:

Gilfeather Turnips
Green Beans
Golden and Chioggia Beets
Shelling, Snap and Snow Peas


2 thoughts on “Come Into My Garden: 3

  1. I am enchanted with your Fairy Watermelon pickles my god they look good, where do you order from and how many plants do you need, I really need to get these next year. I to am battleing those darned Japanese beetles here in Ontario as well hoping they are almost finished for the season, they have destroyed my beans, but not really touched my Tomatillos.

    • I got mine from Fedco, but there are several seed companies you can order from. Just look for Mexican Sour Gherkins. They pickle up so nicely! We did a fermentation with salt brine, mustard seeds and dill. They lasted an entire year in the fridge. That first year, I planted one packet, which I think was 25 seeds. We ended up with probably two gallons harvested.This year, I planted two packets and I will try to record my yield at harvest time to see how well we do with third-year soil.

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