Twenty-Nine and Thirty: 52



 the 52 project.
Portraits of my main squeezes, every week.

With our summer schedule being what it is, the days slip away, each resembling the other. No camps this year, so I cram my internship work into the wee hours of morning and night, leaving only a precious few reserved for sleeping. We juggle one car, which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. My days are rather hazy, due to my sleep-deprived zombie-state, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I won’t write the words now. There is too much to accomplish between now and then and when I see how little time there really is for All of the Things, I may lose consciousness (and therefore, precious minutes).

The load will ease a bit with the opening of The Intelligent Optimist’s Summer Auction this Friday evening. This is my wee-hour (and most of the other hours) project until Labor Day and what happens after that is still a mystery.

O, for the past two weeks you…

…have continued to be so very patient with my workload and divided attention.

…gave me a bite of your well-deserved chocolate ice cream after an all-day round trip to the DMV (this is Vermont: drive 5 hours, wait 30 minutes. this is California: drive 30 minutes, wait 5 hours). I still don’t understand why you chose to accompany me on such a banal errand instead of taking up the invitation to go on a field trip to a bog, but I love your company and am always glad to spend a day with you.

…made huge improvements in your reading skills. I’m looking forward to you reading chapter books out loud to me sometimes!

…have been finding your interests diverging from those of your closest friend and it’s been so hard for you. Common ground is so much more specific at eight than it was at six.

…spent a lot of time in your sketchbook. Your drivers are always so happy. They love their Seuss-ish machines as much as you love creating them.

C, this week you…

…almost finished the new chicken palace. You hate the word almost.

almost finished the chicken palace because I wasn’t able to perform my usual functions in zombie-state, and you covered for me. Thank you.


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