Thirty-One: 52





 the 52 project.
Portraits of my main squeezes, every week (and hey, I really mean that again!).

Not that the load has lightened, but I may be managing my time a little better? Eh, I’ll shut up because I don’t want to jinx it…there still ain’t much of that stuff to go around. I squeezed in my LT v. 1:  and my LT v. 2. I’ll consider that a minor miracle. Our topic last week was Industry. It’s officially harvest-time around here…what’s keeping you busy?

O, this week you…

…tried to convince me that boredom was really a thing you had to suffer. I begged to differ.

…had a sleepover in which you started bedtime out in a tent in the backyard. This lasted about twenty minutes before the two of you rushed back inside, terrified of…something. And then you stayed up until 11pm.

…started taking things apart and building your own motors, which pretty much blew my mind in half.


C, this week you…

…asked me why I planted tomatoes in the fire pit.

…told me, every day, how much you appreciate me and everything I bring to our partnership. It made me feel glowy. Exhausted, but glowy.



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