Thirty-Five: 52


 the 52 project.
Portraits of my main squeezes (just one again), every week (getting better).

O, this week you…

collapsed at the end of the school week. We all seemed fine until we hit the finish line…whew. We’re moving a little slower after the holiday. Mornings have been lazy and full of cat snuggling, but somehow we manage to get to the bus on time.

…told me you ran so fast out on the school field that when you stopped you skidded several feet. Does this mean you don’t “hate” running anymore? Will you do a 5K with me, pretty please?

only wanted to wear grey and/or black. Suddenly you are very thoughtful and careful about your appearance and concerned about developing a personal style.

…acted out a zombie theme for about 24 hours straight when you had a sleepover with your buddy, D. I learned that zombies enjoy blueberry pancakes in the morning (who knew?), especially after staying up chattering until laaaaate.

Announcement: I’m workin’ on making the big move over to Typepad. I’ll post a link when I have the site ready and hope you will join me there! Stay tuned, as I will reveal a fun collaboration with the fantastic crew at Sparkle Stories!


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