Thirty-Eight: 52



 the 52 project.
Portraits of my main squeezes every week.

O, this week you…

…slept in my bed while papa spent the night at the hospital. It was chilly and I cuddled you close and we both slept deeply and peacefully.

…practiced wheelchair skills for a couple of hours before we finally came home that night, full of ideas about how you would trick one out. Of course. At least you were able to keep yourself entertained while we waited and waited and waited. I was pretty darn impressed with you, actually.

…performed cosmetic surgery on your bicycle, using a seat post from my bicycle. Soon we’ll have a collection of franken-bikes and we won’t know which is whose and it wouldn’t matter, anyway.

…brought home your first homework for the year, part of which is reading for twenty minutes every night. Instead of reading to yourself, you read out loud to us, and it’s quickly becoming the most treasured part of my day. Our favorite of the moment is Frog and Toad.

…decided on your our Halloween costumes. You will be Matthias from Redwall, C will be Basil Stag Hare, and I am to be Constance the badger. We’ve been reading this series for a few weeks now at bedtime, and we’re all hooked.

C, this week you…

…were the sickest I’ve ever seen you, and it was exhausting, unnerving, will-testing, and scary at times. We knew it would pass, but it was a looooooooong four days.

…were a hero to one lucky, oblivious duck who has no idea how sick she made her “food guy.”


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