i am here.

Right here.

In between injuries and illnesses, there has been more doing than anything else. It’s no fun to have a Captain-ish sort of day anymore, because they have all been that way for the last several months. Every day is a Day for Doing Things. Yes, I have an order that needs finishing. Yes, there are overdue bills to pay. Yes, there are machines to fix and a cider press to finish building and the goats are coming home this weekend. And somebody is always hungry. Yes, yes, yes. There are always too many somethings.

So, what happens if we stop? Just for an hour or two?


We’ll see where the fog still sits, waiting for the early Fall sun to burn it gently away.


We’ll listen.


We’ll find treasures.


We’ll remember…


…that it’s okay to sit, and take it all in.


There is always time to be here.

And we were home by mid-morning to get on with the Doing of Things.


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