Forty and Forty-One: 52





 the 52 project.
Portraits of my main squeezes every week (or just one squeeze again).


O, this week (or two) you…

…accompanied me on a photo adventure. We were supposed to meet some friends (also with cameras), but went to the wrong hiking spot. It turned into a blessing of you-and-I time, filled with laughter, trail-running, bird-calling at strangers we thought were our party, and seeking out lovely things to photograph.

…shot up to the moon with your bad-ass reading and spelling skills. It’s a joy to witness.

…helped me rake a gigantic pile of leaves to the bottom of your slide. I think we can all guess what happened next.

…have enjoyed the gift of this mild Autumn weather. As I type, the evening darkness is beginning to creep in and you are outdoors, building an airplane from scrap wood with a rubber band powered propeller.

…helped us take the goats for a walk up the road. It was a hilarious, silly and sometimes frustrating adventure and I wonder if you still have raisins in your pockets.

…asked me about a thousand times when it will be Halloween. I’m sure my mother is enjoying my being in the role of costumer after so many years of torturing her with complicated projects. I wish I was half the sewer she is, though, as I still have a few of my costumes from 20 years ago and have worn some of them several times and they are still like new. How I will turn you into Matthias the warrior mouse, I have yet to figure out.


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