It’s easy to look back and think how much simpler it was, how much less we struggled, how effortlessly life flowed. Isn’t memory sweet that way? Selective forgetting is a survival mechanism and right now it’s the only thing keeping me afloat.

Things are challenging (okay, scary-difficult) now, as they were then, but I have to look harder to see the sweetness in front of me than I do to see the sweetness behind. It makes me wonder how long it will be before I can look back on this year and distill only the beauty and the gifts.


When I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I’ll be running full-speed.


2 thoughts on “surviving

  1. I remember that small Oliver, and I remember how you struggled back then. It seemed like the universe wanted to keep throwing rocks in front of you just to see how steep an obstacle you could climb. But there was also SO much sweetness, so much beauty, even if the wheel that spun it had a squeak. hug.

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