Sparkle Crafts!

It’s been a long day of creating inventory, feeding animals and children (and sometimes myself, if I remembered me), worrying, and also solidifying a new collaboration I’m really excited about.

Every Thursday, starting next week, you’ll find me on the Sparkle Stories blog, sharing a crafting project suitable for the season and/or the week’s stories. I will aim to share projects that are enjoyable and doable for kids and their adults, so stayed tuned for that.

Click here to find out more about Sparkle Stories. They are a down-time staple in our house, especially on Friday afternoons when there are new stories in our Story Box.


I took some horrible photos tonight of the gorgeous yarn that resulted from spinning up the boy-dyed organic merino you caught a glimpse of in my last post. When there is daylight, I’ll re-take, but I couldn’t resist getting the yarns up in the shop immediately.

*yawn* night night!


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