nablo…what? gratitude and, a giveaway

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I didn’t make my goal of posting here every day this month, but I have been writing every day. Does that count? I was here this week


with my serial poem on Literary Traces, Autumn, and I was here this week


sharing a special Advent project on the Sparkle Stories blog.

Oh, and there was Thanksgiving, when I gave myself an internet fast except for pictorial representations of oven drama and a quick recipe search. We had friends over, and it was lovely, but the boy stayed up until ridiculous o’clock and then he and I were on our own today, having woken up at the usual AM version of ridiculous o’clock. I wrote up a preposterous, impossible to-do list (typical), and when I looked up from it, O was curled up under blankets with The Way Things Work and a cat.

In an instant, I put the brakes on. It was 28-but-feels-like-2 degrees outside. We were tired. So, I decided to make today about him. I did everything he wanted to do. We drove 15 minutes to the library that was closing in 30 minutes. We made the most of it and came home with a silly adorable book. We drank cocoa and made a list of all the people we want to give gifts to, and brainstormed handmade ideas. We went for a walk and crunched the icy leaves. We played a card game. He painted while I made him lunch, and I stopped what I was doing whenever he wanted me for something.

There is something special about a day home from school that isn’t the weekend. The weekend is full of all the errands and tasks we couldn’t perform during the week. More harried, even, than the crash of coming together on a weekday evening to dohomeworkeatdinnerwashupstorytimebed, especially as we enter the final stages of winter preparations.

So, I put the brakes on. I didn’t wash the yarns for an update. I didn’t cross off 80% of the things on my list. And my heart is full.

I’ll let that be the first on the list of things I’m grateful for today:

full heart * the sound of thin ice cracking underfoot * he still wants me to hold his hand * the wood on my porch * kitten cuddles * leftovers for dinner * lovely neighbors * new traditions * the capacity of our new-to-us oven (there are five baking dishes full of winter squash on one rack in there right now) * our menagerie of creatures who nourish us in so many ways * fulfilling collaborations * supportive family * blankets * patience * color * the sound of him coming home * Earl Grey, hot * well water, cold * good stories * clean laundry * the ability to create with my hands * the folks who appreciate it *

Let’s talk about that last one. You’re awesome, and I’m glad you’re here. If you play on Facebook and haven’t yet found my page, I encourage you to check it out, even if it’s only to be reminded every once in a while that I have a coupon code just for you that is valid 365 DAYS A YEAR for a good chunka change off any Etsy orders. No expiry.  So, you won’t see any special holiday sales for The Spun Monkey. You can choose to make it a sale day for yourself any time you want. Or not, if you don’t need to save the dough and you wanna help a mama out. Heh. Anyway, it’s yours to use as you desire, and always available. If it makes the difference between you picking up that one-of-a-kind spun-with-love-and-luxury for yourself or a loved one and, say, not picking it up…well, I want my work to be accessible.


Speaking of the Facespace page…my likeage has exceeded 700! I want to celebrate with a GIVEAWAY! A randomly chosen winner will receive his/her choice of a fiber-y gift, a yarn-y gift, or a gift certificate towards a custom hand-spun, hand-knit wearable. To enter, leave a comment on this post before midnight Sunday. I’ll choose a winner via random number generator on Monday morning. Tell me something you are grateful for!



32 thoughts on “nablo…what? gratitude and, a giveaway

  1. Putting the breaks on is so important! I am behind on my to-do list this week too, because I decided to cook a nice Thanksgiving dinner for my husband and myself instead. Worth it!

    PS – I hope I win! 🙂

  2. Thankful to be in a very different place now than I was the same time last year…life is good and so is your yarn! 🙂 Happy holidays!

  3. Love that I have found your Etsy shop. I have just started learning to spin and drum carded and spun some ‘jammy ‘ locks today in my beginners class, to lots of ‘oooing and ahhing’ by my new spinning friends. Spinning rocks!

  4. I am thankful for the opportunity to live life as is…simple, complicated; peaceful, hectic; joyous, sorrowful.! I also enjoy fabulous giveaways and funny/inspirational blogs. Thank you for both! ❤

  5. I am Thankful to be surrounded by wonderful people everyday. I love my fiancé so much…he has been so wonderful to let me take over his work space so I can have a place for my fiber arts. Best of Luck everyone & Happy Holidays!!!!

  6. I am so thankful to have a wonderful fiancé that has let me take over his workspace so I can have a place for my fiber arts supplies. Best of luck everyone & Happy Holidays!!!

  7. Grateful for my job (even when it is stressful it is stimulating and my bosses are amazing), my family, my friends, and my dog. 🙂

  8. Grateful for my husband who supports my fiber habit so much that we now are raising our own Angora goats, Amelia and Eleanor.

  9. I am grateful to have found your Facebook page. Your works inspire me. You’re someone that gets into a state of flow when you make stuff, and that state of flow conveys itself through your online writings and photos.

  10. Too tardy for the drawing. Rats. Still had to say that I am very thankful indeed for friendships like yours. I liked your colorful list of gratefuls. 🙂

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