Forty-Nine and Fifty: 52


the 52 project.
Portraits of my main squeezes every week (sort of).

O, this week you…

…swallowed up frustration and exhibited your growing skills in the art of compromise when we harvested our Christmas tree at the local farm. We know you really wanted the one with three trunks growing off the main trunk; the one that would have filled half the living room while still only being three feet tall. We know. But, really, what we came home with is the most perfect tree I’ve ever seen, and I’m glad you decided to help with the saw instead of being mad at us about it.

…finished a project that has been lingering for over a year, and your pride and satisfaction were palpable. It feels good to follow through and get the job done, doesn’t it? And yes, please feel free to point out my ten languishing knitting projects.

…were probably most excited about the glue sticks in your advent calendar the other day, than anything else you’ve found there. That’s my boy.

…turned the sofa into your space ship, complete with complicated keyboard controls, telephone communication, and an exhaust pipe, among other necessary engineering. I simultaneously don’t have the heart to ask you to put all that stuff away, whilst really, really wanting to sit somewhere other than the floor. Endlessly inspired by Binky the Space Cat.

C, this week you…

…found our favorite barnyard friend, our rooster Clockey, dead in the henhouse. He had never been the stoutest of birds, constitutionally speaking, but he was the very sweetest gentlemanly creature, and we all loved him more than we knew, judging by our three tear-swollen sets of eyes at the dinner table that night.

…lost your greenhouse to what didn’t seem like a heavy snowload. It was shocking and devastating…so much sweat labor went into creating it on a tight budget: design math, jig-building, bending of the framework…but, I already see you working on its next iteration as you roll up your sleeves (okay, not really in single-digit weather) and get into clean-up-and-see-what’s-salvageable mode.

…had a really rough week, it’s true, but somehow you managed to rise up and find moments of silliness and laughter, and even find a silver lining or two, so we all kept our spirits up to holiday standards.


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