A little Stream-of-Consciousness style list for a Tuesday morning, and for all of 2014. GO:

*daily yoga practice (so far, so good!
*daily gratitude journal
*cultivate farmer’s hours: early to bed, early to rise
*root in self not circumstances
*pre-dawn “office” hours
*laugh more
*leave sometimes (to explore, to breathe)
*check my first response (patience, patience)
*learn coptic stitch
*learn how to use my sewing machine and make a thing to wear
*earn more through writing
*teach more art classes
*be okay with slowing down sometimes
*be okay with quiet
*be okay with doing my best
*start the garden earlier, even if we have to do without the greenhouse
*create a big-boy workspace for O. He’s ready.
*tackle unexpected projects with joy rather than desperation
*find the silver linings (see above)
*get back on the road bike
*learn how to maintain said bike
*learn how to change a tire (on a car)
*learn some basic carpentry with C
*learn how to tan a hide
*revive my fiber business in an unexpected way
*menu plan to save time and money and brainspace
*read more
*make more
*believe more
*keep in better touch
*use USPS instead of gmail (see above)
*keep on top of deadlines
*use a calendar, like really use a calendar
*print photos
*be conscious of protecting myself from other people’s drama
*remember that it’s usually not personal (see above)
*give more, even when I don’t think we have anything to give
*remember that time is a wonderful gift and is often needed (see above)
*take piano lessons
*learn how to milk the goats
*purge our life of unused/unwanted things this Spring. They might make someone else happy.
*make a trip to Denver to see my dearest
*spend some time in the homeland, but just a little.

This seems like enough for right now. Have you made a list of goals for 2014? Link it, yo.


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