One: 52



the 52 project.
Portraits of my main squeeze(s) every week.
Here we go again! Let’s see if I can muster the sticktoitiveness to really make this happen every week. I’m really looking forward to printing out last year’s project. I treasure how it forced me to capture the sweetest moments.


O, this week you…

…worked on thank-you cards for your Christmas gifts from family. I love the way you spell everything out loud as you write. And how intensely you apply yourself to the task. And your handwriting! Beautiful. I can’t wait to teach you cursive.

…showed me how to make a God’s Eye with my handspun scraps, and I think I might be a little obsessed. In fact, I just stumbled upon this project for a garland with mini versions made with toothpicks. We are a garland-friendly home.

…were snowed in and got two extra days of holiday vacation, which we used wisely for sledding and fort-building. Then the rains came, and washed much of it away. Again. The resulting ice delayed your first day back by two hours! We thought vacation might last forever…

…are so excited to start the Winter Sports program, where you’ll learn cross country skiing with one of your favorite friends. Oh, snow is such a generous medium.


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