Five Senses Friday

A journey through the sensory experiences of the week. Link if you join in!


Seeing: The snow slipping from branches and rooftops and the dusk lingering a little longer. Hello, January Thaw. I’ll do my best to embrace you.

Hearing: Bubbling. The tea kettle, soup, duck bills in now un-frozen water.

Touching: what emerges, and piecing it together. I shared instructions for creating Ice Ornaments on the Sparkle Stories blog this week.

Smelling: Whoa, the paperwhites starting to bloom on the kitchen table. I kinda feel like them the way I do about lilacs.


Tasting: The last of our parsnips from the garden. Conditions aren’t ideal in our basement, so we lost many of them, but the remaining decent ‘snips were delicious with carrot, coconut milk and pumpkin pie spices for a creamy, warming soup.

What did you sense in your world this week?


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