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One shot. Every day. No editing. Join in!

Still struggling with putting some feelings into words, but in the meanwhile, I’m going to use today’s One Shot as a way of joining Heather’s This Week in My Kitchen :: Blog Hop.

My rhubarb is almost ready to harvest, but I have two bunches of stalks procured from the two previous weekend’s farmer’s markets that have been waiting ever-so-patiently to be dealt with. I thought they were waiting for me to finally dig out the last gallon of frozen strawberries from last summer. I thought about a Pie Thing or a Jam Thing but decided, instead, to make a gallon of fermented rhubarb soda.

Then, they started waiting for the woman to come home from vacation with whom I should chat about using the community extractor for our very dead, but very full-of-honey beehive.

Today, the rhubarb and I are done waiting and we’re just going to use some damn sugar.


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