about me



I’m glad you stopped by.

I’m working on it.

This farming-in-the-woods, full-time dyer and marketing coordinator, part-time freelance writer/photographer/fiber artist, obsessive maker and stays-up-too-late kind of thing.

It’s hard work, but most of the time it’s rewarding. Sometimes, it’s even interesting. Possibly, it’s only interesting to me, but I share a little bit about it all here.

I’m married to my soul mate and best friend. We made a pretty fantastic small person together. We live in a house that used to be a hunting cabin. It’s made out of old telephone poles, among other things. It’s a work in progress. Like we are.

3 goats, 11 ducks, 2 goldfish, 2 axolotls, 2 cats, and a bin full of worms also live here.

The 3 goats love anyone who brings them raisins and/or peanuts; the 11 ducks will run away from you and then talk loudly about it; the 2 goldfish swim ’round and ’round a pirate ship and then do it some more; the 2 axolotls wiggle their gills when they’re happy to see you; the 2 cats will eat any projects that involve tape, silicone, or beeswax; and the worms will eat whatever we didn’t.

Anyway, come back sometime for a recipe or a poem or a cup of tea. I like my earl grey with honey and raw milk. How do you take yours?


9 thoughts on “about me

    • Glenda, thank you so much! We did have a wonderful time and it was so great to finally meet Sam. He’s very sweet and my dear Liz is so happy. I hope to meet you sometime soon, also!

  1. As I sit here all cozy sipping tea, sifting through sewing patterns, my thoughts turned to you. How are things with you? I would love to catch up

    • Oops. Dear Imogen, this page is sorely in need of updating. The current count is 8 chickens, 6 ducks, 2 goldfish, 2 axolotls, and 2 cats. Temporary visitors are 3 pigs and 24 Freedom Ranger chickens. I’ll freshen it up when I finalize my move to the new blogspace! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! When I get back from Taproot Gathering, I’ll be finishing up your order. So excited to be part of your new shop. xoxo

  2. Beautiful writing Shannon! First chance I’ve gotten to really read your blog. I remember u saying that u might come fur a visit to ca. I’d love fir you to meet my boys!!! I have couple of aunts who’ve knitted some clothes for them and every time I put them in their knits I think”I should knit something.” Then I think of you.
    Let’s talk soon

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