I feel a bit like these pears today, floating serenely in their honeyed bath. I am basking in the afterglow of sweet times with dear friends. Perhaps I’m a sap, but these next several weeks are my favorite time of the year, even more so as we sink our roots down deeper into southern VT soil. This sense of Belonging is such a gift and it keeps giving, giving. I am thankful.

We are home.


My October Life

It has snowed on my October life.

Each flake is a drop of gratitude in my overflowing bucket.

This one is for the beauty that surrounds me every day in this wonderland called Vermont.

And this one is  for our creative and inspiring neighbors…to find such community tucked away in the Way Back is a treasure.

Another for my dear friends who hold my heart so carefully, reminding me that I am worthy of their love.

Ooh, and this whole pile for the sweet men in my life…The Boy whose greatest joy it is for the sky to snow on his October life, for the man who just wants to rest after a long day’s work but suits up, anyway, to take in the crispness and share in that greatest joy with The Boy who adores him as much as I do.

Here, this one is for hot chocolate chai to warm me from the inside out, by a fire whose warmth I have missed these long months.

A few more for the scene I find as I gaze out my bedroom window at this moment, as I type: the flame-colored leaves still clinging like a beacon in the dusky light, C mindfully gathering acorns for the pigs, and The Boy, with songs, building castles of snow.

This is my life?

Is this the life I spend bogged down by worry, guilt, and fear…why do I do this, when I am here, right now, with so much? Why do I not spend that time more wisely…rolling around in these snowflakes that fill my bucket?

It has snowed on my October life.

I run out with the ducks, and embrace it.