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Questions? Comments?

Please Email: thespunmonkeyATgmailDOTcom

Open Studio night will start again sometime after Mud Season!

3 thoughts on “contact me

  1. Hi,
    Do you have any openings in the June 25 & 26 classes. Thanks.
    Dyeing to spin better,
    802 293 5560

  2. Hi….first i would like to thankyou for the fabulous class on the 20th of august……out there in Gladstone, NJ…….hopefully you will be doing more classes… are such a joy…..and i learned quite a bit….i am making neckwarmers but, crocheting them….i was wondering if you had any merino yarn in black that i could purchase…i would like that wonderfully soft merino….i need black and gray and pink…….take care….Laura flashberg

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