Minimalist Report

Heya, Hiya!

Survived the whirlwind there-and-back-in-one-day trip to Bazaar Bizarre Boston 2008! 

I got home at 1am, and the kiddo woke up at 6:30am. I AM TIRED.

I will post pictures, but haven’t had a chance to get ’em off the camera yet!

In the meantime, some things:

I loved the venue. It was perfect. My table was close to the door, and it was flippin’ cold, but I sell wool, so it didn’t really matter. I didn’t, however, sell a lot of wool.Sales-wise, it was the worst show I’ve ever done, just barely breaking even. BUT, I had fun, got to chitty chat and make some awesome trades with LJ friends and spent the day with Stacey, who didn’t let me dance all by myself. I would do it all again about a million times.

As far as the sales go…I think my big lesson is that I need to start working on a lower price point line of goodies for my shop. My main focus most of this year has been on luxury items that are very time-consuming for me to make…most of the things at my table (the handmade felt) yesterday cost $50 or more. And while I got so much amazing feedback, oohs and aaahs and folks taking my card, when I said $65, heads nodded and the items were gently put back on the table. People just aren’t spending that much on gifts this year…I know I’m certainly not. Correct me if I’m misinterpreting my observations, but I think most of the folks who come to these kinds of events are looking to spend $25 or less on each item they buy.

So, anyway, I’m going to spend the winter working on some things that widen the price range of my offerings…some smaller items and a line of simple, handspun singles and plied yarns that I will kettle-dye or handpaint in batches to keep my overhead down. I really see the value now in having a "basic" line of goods that are less time-consuming to create as a compliment to the one-of-a-kind specialty sort of items.


I feel overwhelmingly positive about the BBB adventure. I’m sure I will see some traffic on Etsy, which motivates me to actually update it.
Thoughts from customers:
More armwarmers
More hats

This means more knitting, which I don’t mind at all.


To my fabulous table-neighbor, Emily, her sweet pastry pin cushions and her Ron, who was also fabulous. I think I drooled on some of the buttons.

Tosarahcoyne of egg-a-go-go for the sweetest sheep pillow ever that I love with all my heart. It’s sitting on our pew at the dining table, but the Little Guy keeps turning it around to the other side because he "likes the polka dots better." 

To Stacey (duh) for being an all around craft-show-helper-goddess and driving my silly car all over Boston.

To misshawklet of Misshawklet, because I love her and she still makes my favorite yarn ever.

To haptotrope  of Haptotrope for general gorgeousness and the crazy-wonderful cowl thing that I haven’t been able to take off since last night.

To Ben (maisonwares please pass along my thanks!) for being awesome Man-Help at the end of the night when we parked too far away for carrying heavy things.

To suncloudedover for general awesomeness and for indirectly encouraging me to buy a pear from Glitterlimes.

To the Woolarina gals for the sweet trade…I can’t wait to knit up some socks!

To viva_death of In Hope for bringing that fabulous blue and yellow number and making me wish I knew someone who wore ties.

To Mr. Puppovich’s for bringing many press pots full of chai. Chai = did not fall asleep on the drive home.

And to absolutely everyone for bringing all your top-notch selves to the event. I was so impressed with the consistently amazing quality of all the vendors at the event. Can’t wait until next year!