Okay. So it’s not so bad. Although, I do have eight hours and twenty-six minutes left before I actually become 30 years old.
I’m okay with it now.
In fact,
I might even like it.
I even love it.
And New England, and our home, and our little life out here in the far, far away…even if my car is broken and stupid money troubles eat my brain and I wish the river was closer (because it’s effin HOT today). I love it all, anyway.
And my sweet friends who came last night and brought yummy food and their children who all played happily together in the sandbox. And the lovely weather that waited to rain until it was time to come inside for cheesecake. Cheesecake with bee pollen on top. mmmmmmmmmm….

And even if I had a teeny tiny little bit of a 1/3-of-life crisis, this birthday is rockin’ compared to last year’s, on which it had only been two days since we lost a dear friend and a large piece of my heart broke in a million pieces. Needless to say, I didn’t feel much like celebrating, as I had just posted this.

But this year was yummy quinoa salad and fresh summer greens and bee pollen cheesecake and warm feelings and iced apple tea.

I feel blessed.

And I lit a candle for Enki Pie and forgave myself for having let him outside that day. It was an accident, and I need to let myself off the hook. He forgave me a long time ago, so I should just get on and be content that I have his sweet, fluffy memory to cherish always.

I didn’t pose for snaps yesterday…I didn’t even bring my camera outside at all. I spend enough time taking photos of yarn and fibery things, that I tend to lose interest in documenting other aspects of my life. I already spend too much time editing photos, but anyway, I feel really weird having a picture-less post. So, here’s a recent-ish photo that never got posted:

Oh, and will try, try, try very, very hard to get an update done tonight. So long as the rain holds out until AFTER the good afternoon light.

So, Happy Monday, Happy Birthday To Me, and a Very Merry Un-Birthday To All of You!