Where I’ve Been…


I have a few hours of tagging ahead of me before I can ship a big fatty box to Cloverhill Yarn Shop for MDSW. No sigh of relief, however, as production mode shall remain in full swing until C takes my studio away…I will have zero fiber for nearly an entire month. I am building inventory like a crafter possessed. No sleep for me. Oddly enough, I don’t even want the sleep. This deadline business has been fueling my creative fire rather than dampening it. I just can’t get enough wool play.

There are other places I’ve been….mainly enjoying the quiet of the housemates (a family of five) having been away for two whole weeks. I had no idea how much I missed about having my own cozy home. We function much more smoothly as a family unit on our own…I need a village, not shared housing.

I’ve also been in packing mode in between things like eating and felting. We’re aspiring to a much higher standard of pre-loading organization this time around, because we won’t be able to unpack right away when we get there, maybe not for several weeks or months, and will undoubtedly need to find this or that in a box somewhere. I’m not at all anxious about this and that’s a BIG FAT LIE.

Okay, I’ve gotta know…

***BRIMFIELD LADIES***…what is UP?!?
which day? can it be on a weekday, like Friday? (I have a fiber fest on the 16th I really shouldn’t flake on, but will if I have to)
I want to see you all and fight over buttons at least this once before I leeeeeeaaaaave.