Pumpkins are yummy and also cute.

Updated. I hope you like felt! It’s all the shop will be getting for the next few weeks as I start taking yarn down for Stitches East. I promise to put back up whatever doesn’t disappear from the Connecticut Convention Center Oct. 22-25. Please come check out the Indie Spun booth! But, until then, I have to squirrel the yarns away, so will try to appease you with pretty wearables.


Organic merino wool, pattern and solid silk chiffon fabrics.

A confession:

I AM A PUMPKIN FREAK. I love to eat their sweet, creamy flesh, I love to roast their seeds and toss them with sugar and spice, I love to carve into them and stick candles inside, I love to see them on everyone’s doorsteps. On that note, I have a giveaway to report!

Monique of Blueberries In the Fields is giving away some adorable pumpkins! The photo is hers and links to her Flickr, but follow the instructions on her blog to enter the giveaway.  YAY, AUTUMN!

Oh, and speaking of pumpkins…the kuri squash/chocolate/pecan-gingersnap pie? HEAVEN. Stay tuned for a recipe. On today’s baking schedule is my attempt to convert my very favorite brownie recipe ever (from this amazing cookbook) into a gluten-free version. It’s already dairy and egg free, so I guess I’m just trying to decide on making my own flour combination or falling back on the gluten-free baking mix which is so-so at best. I figure the overwhelming ultra-chocolate factor will override any lack of brilliance on the part of the flour.

It’s going to be a BIRTHDAY CAKE for C because he came down for a surprise visit this weekend! He’ll be gone again by Wednesday morning, but I wasn’t expecting to see him at all for his big 3-0, so it’s quite a lovely thing that he’s here, however briefly. I’M SO READY TO BE UNDER THE SAME ROOF AGAIN.

I’m letting him sleep in.