in which I wonder what’s in your fridge…

Assuming it wasn’t Zuul and I’m about to be possessed by a creepy dog-like minion of Gozer, I think I might know the valet for this parking job.  Rainy day + cabin fever + young, silly mind.

Settling In has been a rather quiet, private process…I’ve neglected the home “office” in favor of unpacking, repacking, rearranging and re-rearranging, making plans and generally nest-building before we’re covered in snow. There are large projects and small projects, some that really should happen now and some that can wait…perhaps List-Making is our #1 activity at the moment, but I’m enjoying how we’re taking our time with this, watching the space morph little by little into something we can call home.

When we’re not List-Making, btw, we’re getting to know a New Friend:

He’s pretty awesome and answers to: Potato, Pancake, Latke, Cupcake, Kitten, Potato Head and more. And yes, he likes yarn.

Where was I? Home. Right. So, the studio is still unheated and in total chaos, but I hope to remedy that soon after the holidays. Work will begin on its transformation into The Spun Monkey HQ in earnest since, come June, Lexi Boeger of Pluckyfluff will be returning for another VT Camp Pluckyfluff! So, if you missed it the first time around, don’t let it happen again, and if you participated in 2007, come back for some new tricks and a VT Camp reunion! Keep it on your radar for the weekend of June 25/26th, and I’ll post a link when registration opens.

And now, in this Post of Randomness, I must extend a big THANK YOU to all who stopped by my table at the Bazaar Bizarre in Boston on December 5th. It was a blast! I meant to have posted here about the event one more time, but, as mentioned above, there has still been much more Settling In happening than Office Hours. This is soon to be remedied, but if you want reliably timely info about shows/events or shop updates, please “like” my Facebook page (see the sidebar on the right for the link) or email me a request to join my newsletter at: thespunmonkeyATgmailDOTcom. I feel like those places are more appropriate for such matters, anyway, and would prefer not to inundate my blog with it in future. I also mentioned there (as in Facebook) and not here that I was unable to attend Mass Market 7 this past weekend. Get this, though: Christmas Eve itself, our farmer’s market is having a special market day from 10am – 2pm. Christmas Eve! Crazy, but I’ll be there. 🙂

In the meantime, I’ll be updating my Etsy shop every day with yarns, spinning fibers and nuno felt pieces (I have procured myself a felt model!). Enjoy a free upgrade to Priority Mail shipping on all orders from now through December 22nd. There’s still plenty of time!

Fiber and yarn clubs are also going up and make fabulous gifts for the fiber lovers in your life. Just sayin’.

And in the Spirit of Randomness, I’ll conclude with a snapshot of The Boy’s chosen adornments…