The Dome…and let me eat pie.

There have been some inquiries as to the shelter we’re going to put up on the farm. I present you with a photo from the Playa Dome website and a link:


We’ve chosen the dome over a standard yurt or yome because we can have a ceiling height of 16 feet, allowing us the option of building a loft inside to increase our living space. It will be about 700 square feet, and the current plan is to set it atop a wooden platform. We have a woodburning/propane cookstove we brought back with us from VT, as well as a tankless propane water heater. We’ll be able to set up basic plumbing and electricity and we’ll build an enclosure outside the dome for our composting toilet. It gets pretty cold up in Trinity, but the dome will have insulation and it shouldn’t be difficult to keep it toasty. I love the beautiful, diffused light…I won’t need a lightbox anymore for product photos, that’s for sure!

C is dead-set against my welcoming banner idea: “Welcome to our Domicile.” Sigh.

Speaking of, I’ve been adding a few things here and there to Etsy, although yarn will come off soon as I’ll be shipping it to CT for Stitches East. The next two weeks will be a frenzy of spinning.

Brownie Flower

Today is Farmer’s Market Day (the very best day of the week) when we make our pilgrimage to the all-organic Shattuck/Rose market. I watch the Little Guy eat his whatever-amazing-flavor they have at the organic ice cream stand, and bend every ounce of my will on resisting the temptation. It will be easier today, as I have prepared some kuri squash, soon to be squash pie in a gluten/dairy/egg free crust of crushed pecan gingersnaps (I baked those yesterday). Dare me to eat the whole thing. Please.