playtime *cough* I mean, WORK

tee hee

Yes, I played with dye today. I tried out a new (to me) method, and I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that I did not just felt my first round of luscious organic merino. It’s quite possible I didn’t. Then again, it’s quite possible I did. I won’t dare touch it until it’s cool. Today, I am in love with the Gaywool dye color “Mushroom.” Seriously beautiful.
So, I got a little kettle-y with it, and a little paint-y with it, and we’ll see what happened tomorrow….

In the meantime, would you like some basil?

Or maybe some plantain seed???

I rescued it from the lawn, and promptly pan fried the seeds in butter. They are a very yummy addition to salsa. Or pretty much anything.

Okay, back to the dinner-making and the spinny-spinning.