Had a delightful time celebrating the first day of Spring with a little egg-dyeing mayhem and used the leftovers on some wool. Waste not!
It’s lovely but I just now realize that, even though it’s a bit after noon, the temp is not yet above freezing and so likely said wool is icing up in the breeze rather than drying in it. A cruel little Spring joke that I don’t find particularly funny.

Keeping warm on this chilly day by dismantling a rag rug full of amazing colors of fabric strips…still no camera, but it’s on the way and soon I’ll share the results of their whirl through the wheel.

Body is ready for a run or a swim or…something. Spring may not be warming the Vermont air, but I sure do feel it in my bones and muscles, ready to explode from the cabin fever of the last few months.

C is going on an expedition to the other coast in a couple weeks…(E, can we come and play in B-town before/after??!?)…figure we’ll make our move a little less blindly than moves past. Even though we’re going back to a familiar place, there is this little matter of finding work and actually seeing the place we’re moving into before we actually get there.