Be Careful What You Wish For

Generally, the only work hours I can squeeze into my day are the precious few when I should be sleeping. Too many nights in a row like that, and I get the downtime I’ve been wishing for…only of the enforced-by-a-weakened-system variety rather than the more pleasant, relaxing sort of downtime I’d really been daydreaming about. So, for two days, the Boy and I canceled plans and cuddled up in a blanket cocoon, read stories and drank gallons of elderflower tea. He was feverish and quiet and therefore a perfect blanket-mate, like a heating pad that hugged me back. In fact, it was over almost too quickly…after that second night, the Boy woke up, cool as a cucumber, and my sinus headache had vanished. Oh, well. Back to doing things.

Like caring for bears.

And cutting hairs.


And cataloging.

I promised a shop update. It’s a’comin. Mostly felt and fibers due to the aforementioned hoarding.

And since I really don’t want anymore unplanned downtime, I’m off to bed. There are gnome beards to make tomorrow. (!)

I am glad we’re feeling better.


Five Senses Friday

Adopted from Abby’s blog…would you like to play along? Leave a comment or link to your blog…

Touching: Noses with the Boy. And now I have funny colors on my face, too.

Tasting: Lemonade grapefruit. Will eat them constantly until citrus season ends.

Smelling: Healing elixir aka homemade chicken stock from one of our own roosters…we ended up with a few too many this past summer and now this fella will help C through his sickies and ickies. The whole house smelled delicious. We are grateful to you, Mr. Bird.

Hearing: Frogs chirping at the open space.

Seeing: Daffodils! Daffodils! I’d been thinking about how much I miss the happy yellow of forsythia, the first brilliant color we would see when springtime hit Vermont. The daffies had quite the shade of happy going on.
C helped me with some photos for a book submission today…I am a terrible model. I look as miserable as I feel about having my photo taken. There were a few, though, that didn’t make it into the trash bin and I will post them along with my felt update tomorrow. I won’t find out about whether any of the images will appear in the book until December, so into the mail and out of my head it will go. Maybe I’ll get a nice surprise at the end of the year.

T minus Slighty Less Than Two Days…wheeeeee!

Okay, so I was able to cross a few things off the list…not all things, but I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve been able to get done whilst also being Mama all week to an insane *ahem* angelic 3-year old…

It really was a little too ambitious, but I like it that way.

Here is what I worked on this morning:

Forgive the bad lighting in the studio, but here’s what to look for in front of my table. I’m not done with it, and I’m not entirely sure it will dry by Sunday, but I’ll put it by the wood stove (but not too close!) and hope for the best. I forgot how much fun oil pastels are. And hooray for canvas!

I’m about to tackle this:

This is how I need to protect my felt works in progress, as the boy likes to run squealing through the studio…really quite disastrous for pieces that are laid out but not already felted. These stools slide under a little table…back in the BC* days, we used to have dinner and tea on the low table in our tiny apartment. Sigh.

Well, tomorrow I will, weather permitting, get some sneak-preview photographs up…

New List!