Getting Ready…

Spring? Are you here? Oh…hello!

Every morning I wake up expecting (hoping) to be greeted by a chilly white landscape. Glittering snow, a biting wind…

Instead, I have this:

And C is filling his weekends doing this:

No, this ain’t New England. I feel like I’ve missed out on something huge. Winter was half the year in southern VT…it was something I could count on, a force that tested me and fostered a deep respect for the circle game of the seasons. All the warm months were spent in preparation of it’s coming, and all the cold months in making plans for the season of sowing, swimming and wet, sticky summer air and how to make the most of it. I know the Boy misses the Snow As Playground…he built his first snowman, his first igloo and put on his first pair of skis all during our last winter there. And now I struggle to fill our days with adventure in a seemingly unchanging climate. Wow, it is so ridiculously easy to romanticize, eh? I wasn’t the one changing a flat tire at 4am on the way to work in -20F. I shoveled when I wanted to. I spun yarn by the woodstove. I pulled my Boy on a sled. We ate snowflakes. C had to muck around in it, work in it, unfreeze equipment constantly and slide around on black ice. He has zero romantic attachments to the “real” winter experience.

So, anyway, yeah…we’re apparently ready to start some seeds now and I’m having a difficult time getting into the mood.

Feeling homesick.



It’s the only time I have to get things done.
…like set up a very sophisticated drying system for the new cards I just had to print at 11:30pm.

It would be nice if I could find other, more sensible times to decide I just have to do things. Oh, well. 75 new cards printed and at least I feel somewhat accomplished this morning. There are more cards in the works and my list of fiber to-do is ridiculous. I will spare you.

In other news, I love seeing what happens when my yarns go off in the world to play. Check out this gorgeous shrug! Thanks for sharing, Angela!

In other other news, C made mounds for the cucumber seeds yesterday. The yellow swallowtails loved them:

Shortly after this picture was taken, the butterfly gathering grew to about twenty. I freaked them out, though, and they disbanded. For one perfect moment, there was a cloud of butterflies swirling above us. ‘Twas lovely.

the weekend…

Where to begin.
I tend to believe there are reasons for everything.
Apparently, I didn’t attend Art Star because I needed to have a glorious spat with my husband in the morning, right before taking off for market. Okay, it was more like…a fight. Like, we said hurtful things to each other in awful voices. And then stormed off in separate directions with our little boy all freaked out and confused. AWFUL. And about something totally unimportant (so it seems to me now).
We just don’t do things like that. Ever.
I know we’re abnormal, never having arguments or disagreements about anything, but it felt like the most terrible thing.
I set up for what was a bummer of a market day (forecasts for penny-sized hail and cloud-to-ground lightning kept people away, although it ended up not even starting to rain until the very end), and I waited anxiously for C and the Little Guy to show up.
When they did, we just held each other and I cried a bunch and suddenly we all felt amazing. It was very weird.
We are both bottlers.
I guess we’ve been fermenting and just needed to pop the cork and release some tension.
Our life has been so stressful this past year.
I also think it was good for the Little Guy to observe some conflict/resolution. It’s so rare in this house.
We’re all still riding that, feeling great, like a weight has been lifted.
So, I missed out on making some money/connections/whatever this weekend, but it seems obvious now that staying home was…somehow necessary.
I need to stop holding onto every little negative feeling and keeping it locked up inside me. It’s like poison.
I wish C could farm full-time. I wish we didn’t need the job that makes him feel like all the most interesting, creative parts of himself are dying, that makes him so tired he can’t do the work he really wants to do.
Baby steps.
Lettuces and mustard greens:

We’ll make it through the other side of this, I know.

At least I made some pretty things:

I managed an update, although not as large as I’d planned…some yarns and a few scarves. I have several things that need some attention from my camera…new cards and some other little goodies. Next time.

I have completed a pdf version of the hat pattern I posted about a while back…I have absolutely no idea how to get it up on Ravelry or even onto my website. It’s free, so if anyone wants me to send it via email, let me know. I’ll play around and see if I can figure out how to make it more accessible.

C is home today, so we’re going to complete our planting…most importantly, the bean seeds around the Little Guy’s Bean Teepee:

Can I please be three now, and play in my sandbox in the cool shade of vining bean plants? Lucky duck.

Ta for now, and happy Monday y’all.


They’re heeeeeere!
I love them.
I knew I would love them.
But, I really love them.

Meet Alice:

She is on a lead, getting a tour of her new surroundings. She and her babe had not been exposed to much in the way of grazing, so they have been timid to leave the barn and enjoy the green-y goodness of Spring.
Baby Isobel:

Miss Isobel is very shy around us, but I know she will warm up as she watches her Mama. Alice is all about being noozled and pet, and she gives us lots of kisses. The Little Guy is a bit intimidated, as Alice is very curious about the small human. She just wants to sniff him all over and nibble the buttons off his clothes. They really do try to eat everything. Our neighbor gifted the Little Guy a tricycle, and Alice promptly ate the tassles off. Now we don’t bring toys inside the goat fence.

Isobel is almost weaned…we may be able to milk Alice, but we’re not sure. She’s very comfortable with C already, so it could happen.
Did I mention I love them?
I think there must be nothing more adorable than a romping baby goat.

In other news:

We made this:

Black gold, baby. Beautiful, loamy rich compost. Last year’s food scraps have become fuel for this year’s harvest. Ain’t that a beautiful thing? Note my high tech sifting method in the middle.

Here is a bit of my progress on the kitchen garden:

Sorry about the shadows strewn about that last image. Anyway, first shot is the tilled patch, weeded and ready to hoe. A lot. I now have some serious hoe muscles. This patch is a good thirty feet long by five feet wide. Middle shot is after mixing in some of the aforementioned fabulous compost. Finally, four raised beds ready for seeding. This will happen tomorrow.

, we’re finally using that sweet little book I bought from you a billion years ago! I really need to map it well, as I’m shooting to get not only culinary herbs, but medicinal and dye plants in there, too. Thirty feet sounds like a lot of space, but my pile of seed packets is enorm


And because no post is complete without a booty shot:

things and stuff…

*Kiddo is sick, so update is late. Later today, though, I’ll get a few yarns and scarves up in the shoppe.

*Not goin’ to Art Star, after all. There was a miscommunication somewheres and my product was not reviewed on our application. It was suggested they could let it slide, but I’m not comfortable with that and I don’t think most of the other folks there would be, either. So, go check it out if you’re in the Philly area and visit In Hope while you’re there. I’m sorry I’m missing the event, but If you’re a Bratt local, I will instead be at the regular Saturday Farmer’s Market, from 9am – 2pm.

*It’s HOT today. I love it. On the menu is building the raised beds for my kitchen garden and getting some seeds in before tonight’s rain. *edit: rain, which did NOT happen. Boo.

*I played with felt this weekend:

*I also played with “weeds.” Now that the house is on the market again, I have to care about non-edibles. Don’t get me wrong, I adore flowers and bees and butterflies and all that good stuff…I just don’t care about tending it. I’d rather it get all wild and jungle-y, but apparently that doesn’t sell a house. So, out with the bee balm and all the “too much.” I’m going to try again to dig up hollyhocks without breaking the taproot, and hope for no more thorns in my fingers (there are rose vines everywhere).

*Here’s the yarn I was making while Little Guy colored the walls the other day:

It’s much richer in color than the photograph suggests. I have issues with photographing browns and blacks, lately. I promise it’s a very yummy chocolate brown, alternately wrapped and corespun. I was going to keep it for myself, but brought it to market and it walked away with someone…

*Lemongrass is my new best friend.

*I’ve decided to start tagging my entries. I can’t ever find anything I want to reference.