It’s the only time I have to get things done.
…like set up a very sophisticated drying system for the new cards I just had to print at 11:30pm.

It would be nice if I could find other, more sensible times to decide I just have to do things. Oh, well. 75 new cards printed and at least I feel somewhat accomplished this morning. There are more cards in the works and my list of fiber to-do is ridiculous. I will spare you.

In other news, I love seeing what happens when my yarns go off in the world to play. Check out this gorgeous shrug! Thanks for sharing, Angela!

In other other news, C made mounds for the cucumber seeds yesterday. The yellow swallowtails loved them:

Shortly after this picture was taken, the butterfly gathering grew to about twenty. I freaked them out, though, and they disbanded. For one perfect moment, there was a cloud of butterflies swirling above us. ‘Twas lovely.