Be Careful What You Wish For

Generally, the only work hours I can squeeze into my day are the precious few when I should be sleeping. Too many nights in a row like that, and I get the downtime I’ve been wishing for…only of the enforced-by-a-weakened-system variety rather than the more pleasant, relaxing sort of downtime I’d really been daydreaming about. So, for two days, the Boy and I canceled plans and cuddled up in a blanket cocoon, read stories and drank gallons of elderflower tea. He was feverish and quiet and therefore a perfect blanket-mate, like a heating pad that hugged me back. In fact, it was over almost too quickly…after that second night, the Boy woke up, cool as a cucumber, and my sinus headache had vanished. Oh, well. Back to doing things.

Like caring for bears.

And cutting hairs.


And cataloging.

I promised a shop update. It’s a’comin. Mostly felt and fibers due to the aforementioned hoarding.

And since I really don’t want anymore unplanned downtime, I’m off to bed. There are gnome beards to make tomorrow. (!)

I am glad we’re feeling better.