shop update!

hi hi,

just a quickie to let you know i’ve updated the shop with a few yarns, and there’s more to come tomorrow. more about the weekend and the thoughts it inspired after a good night’s rest.



Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight: 52

Whoa, disappearing act. It all just got a wee overwhelming. Hobbling husband, long internship hours, and various and sundry surprises and inconveniences. I have managed to keep up with Literary Traces and Luminous Traces, but am woefully behind with class prep for Twist (class registration here, look for: VENDRE SES OEUVRES EN LIGNE on Sunday, August 25th) and my 52 posts. I managed to take pictures for the latter, but just have not had a moment to share them with you…until right now, when I have seized a “spare” one:






O, these last two weeks you’ve…

…started recording our summer science project into your Garden Book. You will find out which type of natural fertilizer (worm castings “tea”, fermented urine, or milk) will grow you the biggest pumpkin. You learned how to make and read a chart for collecting and interpreting your data and we’ll be monitoring this project through harvest time in October. Oh, and I love your makeshift garden “office.”

…welcomed some tiny new kittens into your life and they love to sleep in your blanket fort. We all agree they are helping to take the sting away from losing our best pointy-eared friend.

…spent long hours immersed in cool water to beat the sticky heat. The water wings you borrowed are boosting your confidence so much.

…enjoyed brook swimming, an outdoor movie, and the neighborhood fireworks display all in one night.

…are pretty sure we can have an awesome summer without going away somewhere or signing up for eight million camps (or even one).

C, these last two weeks you…

…healed like a mofo. You are ultra-motivated to make up for lost time in action.

…kinda blew my mind with collapsible trellises. I just asked for tomato stakes.

…read O one of his favorite books in which a man inadvertently teaches his cat to talk by reading the newspaper out loud. Then we smiled as he gathered the kittens around for story time. Maybe it’ll work??


So, it is my intent to create a small window of time to cozy up to my wheel tomorrow. I sure would like to have some lovelies to share with you this week. I do have one set of striping rainbow 2-ply up for sale on my Facebook page if you need something fun RIGHT NOW.


How’s that for catching up?

Tomorrow: the garden.