morning : noon : night :: 2.6








I feel a bit like these pears today, floating serenely in their honeyed bath. I am basking in the afterglow of sweet times with dear friends. Perhaps I’m a sap, but these next several weeks are my favorite time of the year, even more so as we sink our roots down deeper into southern VT soil. This sense of Belonging is such a gift and it keeps giving, giving. I am thankful.

We are home.


For many reasons.

Firstly, THANK YOU everyone SO VERY MUCH for all the well wishes. They worked! I am feeling tons better this weekend…still taking it easy, but starting to eat more than soup and smoothies, and just overall feeling like an almost-normal version of myself.

Secondly, the new camera came while I was in hospital and I played with it a bit yesterday. Hello learning curve! Whoooooooo…but, when I get my SLR legs back, I know I’m going to love this thing.

Thirdly, SPRING IS HERE. Like, in an obvious way. Proof:

Romping animals. Notice there is one dog digging, another rolling about and chickens just plain chickening all over the place, pecking at dirt! and dead vegetation! (read: stuff that ISN’T COVERED IN SNOW).

And there’s been some of this;

And this guy:

It went like this:
(on phone, Me in the hospital bed, C on the phone at home)
Will he talk to me? 
C: I don’t know…let me check…(to little guy) Do you want to talk to Mama? (can be heard in background: Where is she?) She’s still at the doctor’s…want to talk to her? (little guy: No.) He doesn’t want to talk on the phone. (little guy to C: Are there toys at the hospital?) I don’t know…Shannon, are there toys at the hospital? 
Me: Why don’t you have him ask me?
C: Why don’t you ask Mama that? (there is a pause. and some shuffling about)
LG: (reluctantly) OK. (a pause) Mama, are there toys at the hospital?
Me: No, sweet pea. Are yo- (stops herself as she realizes phone has been dropped. breathes long sigh.)

But he was very glad to see me when I got home. Really.