Feeling Listy…and a Preview

From Che and Fidel via bluebirdbaby, I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been under-the-weather and feeling rather stagnant…it’s nice to take a step back from me and see that I am, in fact, doing things.


I am…
making : progress, even if I don’t see it.
cookingwith winter roots. already.
drinking : spiced hot chocolate. already. 
reading : C.S. Forester (I am always reading a Hornblower novel…right now, it’s Ship of the Line), along with various poets, photography manuals, knitting books and listening to a collection of Ray Bradbury’s short stories on audio while I run (this is not motivational for movement, not in the least, but I have become an audio book addict and this is the only time I can listen when I’m not in the car).
wantinga few more weeks of sun to ripen the tomatoes.
looking : for antique birdcages. oh, and a job.
playingwith the baby kitties. Whether I mean to, or not.
wasting : energy worrying about…everything.
sowing : ideas. It’s going to be a Winter of bringing dormant projects to fruition. 
wishingfor abundance, on all fronts. It’s been a lean Summer.
enjoyingcollaborative work.
waitingfor the Taproot Gathering (4 more sleeps!).
likingwinding down our evenings earlier as the nights lengthen.
wonderingwhen we’ll look back on this difficult time and smile at the memory, able to seen then how much it helped us grow.
loving : his sense of humor. 
hopingthe sinus pressure lifts and I can lead a couple of great classes tomorrow.
marvellingat how easily we fell into the school year rhythm. We’ve made it to the bus stop every morning!
needingan oven. It was fine not to have one during the summer, but it’s time to start roasting and baking again and I am sadly bereft.
smelling honey. The aroma coming from the hive right now is so strong it can knock you down. 
wearingwool from head to toe.
followingmy own advice.
noticing : the turning of leaves, in only a few select trees for now, but soon we’ll be surrounded in the brilliance of Fall in New England.
thinking : I need to learn how to say “no” when my plate is full.
bookmarking : warming recipes.
opening : the last jar of OMG Peach Salsa from last summer, as I jar up this year’s batch.
gigglingat my son wearing my old Felix the Cat suspenders with a purple tie, blue plaid shirt, and camouflage pants.
feelingoverwhelmed, but also blessed.
In other news, I have, today, only a preview of Martin’s Acorn Hat. It’s a pattern I’m calling The Acorn Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree, because I have included sizing for adult and child, with instructions on creating either the top or the bottom of the acorn.
As I said above, I have been under-the-weather these last few days, and it hasn’t been all that comfortable to have my eyes locked on a screen. So, I’ll finalize the pdf and have it ready for Monday morning instead. It’s nice to have something to look forward to on a Monday, isn’t it?
Shoot to Sell! Photography workshop and my Nuno Felt workshop are happening tomorrow at Wildwood Farm in Madison, CT. There is room for last-minute additions, so come on by. See you Monday, with links to the Acorn Hat pattern on Ravelry and my Etsy shop!

In Between…

…rounds of soaking yarn and knit pieces to set their sweet little twists and stitches.
I should be felting, but there is always the wee hours.
Thought I would procrastinate a little further in my pre-BBB activities to finally do the 7 Things meme that the fabulous Steph of Rivulette
tagged me for ages ago…

1. I used to be a Certified Spinning Instructor and worked at the best rock gym ever, The Berkeley Iron Works. And no, I didn’t have one of those cheesy, new-fangled mic things or fancy mirrors and flashy bikes…we just shouted at our students the old-fashioned way and were seriously hardcore cyclists when we were out on the road. "And we’re gonna sprint! In ONE, TWO, THREE…GO!!!!"

2. I am hopelessly in love with Horatio Hornblower of the series of historical fiction by CS Forester. I never pegged myself for a fan of Napoleonic era seafaring tales, but C started reading them aloud to me a couple years ago and I was utterly ensnared. Fortunately for C, he and Horatio are so alike it’s uncanny. Hee. I think there are 11 books, and we’ve made it through 8 of them…he reads while I’m spinning. We’ve taken a break from Hornblower for the Space Trilogy by CS Lewis.

3. I avoid chores that involve water. Give me a broom or a vacuum, folding/ironing clothes, general straightening up, anything rhythmic and dry and I will do it all happily. Ask me to wash dishes, mop (ugh) or clean the bathroom and I’ll probably grumble at you.

4. Yosemite is probably my favorite place on the whole planet. I used to rock climb there and really miss it, but I have plans to bring climbing back into my life in the Spring. Apparently there are a few little bouldering spots around here and I just need to ask the right folks where to find them…

5. I have recently become addicted to black tea with honey and milk. I honestly have no idea how I got so far in life without it.

6. I almost went to culinary school…in between when i was a theatre major and finally settling on photography for my BA. I have a fierce passion for baking, especially, and love to tweak recipes over and over again to make them my own. Makes me feel like I’m conjuring love spells…nothing says "I Love You" like a cocoa spice muffin infused with joy.

7. I gave birth to my son at home, in Ashland, OR, with the help of a midwife. 7 months later, we moved to southern Vermont. The little guy’s placenta is in a freezer in California, and I have yet to write the story of our journey and plant a tree…


I feel like I need a list ala the super-duper sarahcoyne to help keep me focused for the rest of the week (and this time I really will come back to it and check my progress):