* I wonder how much of the night sky we’ll be able to see through the fog and light pollution reflecting off the ocean. I’m making an effort to get out for an evening walk every clear-sky night…up here on the snowy mountain I can see the whole universe…even if it’s dark up on the new mountain, it will never be like my sparkling New England sky.

* The other day, the Little Guy was overhead explaining to "Jack Frost" all the myriad reasons why one shouldn’t eat poop.

* I can’t believe I haven’t ordered my camera yet…the fear of regretting my decision is holding me back. After the Mach 1 debacle, I don’t want to make the wrong investment.

* Speaking of the Mach 1, and to those of you who wrote me to request a review…it is coming. There are still some unresolved issues that should be buttoned up this week (she says hopefully)…I haven’t forgotten.

*New work is piling up…I am loathe to let it go without photographing it, but I might have to…

* Speaking of work…felting has also been on the list of Things I Cannot Do Right Now and It’s Utterly Destroying My Soul. There just isn’t a space in the house we’re sharing right now that is large enough, can get wet, and is away from cats, dogs and babies. I’m hoping the salvage place still has this AMAZING oak table…it could change everything.
ETA: They had it! Mine = 12′ long/3 1/2′ wide. Crazy big. We’re going to cut it down to 10 feet long and make a desk with the 2 foot chunk. Because, you know, we won’t have enough to do before the move…

* Happy Tuesday, everyone.