Vacation and Sharp Knife are synonymous

….yeah, so anyway, here is something NICE to cut the stress with:

ME/MA Weekend!

My friend Stacey, our little guys and I took a three-day weekend and headed north. The plan was to camp a couple of nights on Hermit Island, leave Friday morning, come back Sunday night.
On the way, I had a knitting emergency occur just as we happened upon Purl Diva:

Phew! Super-cute shop! Brunswick, I think???

Later that evening, we ended up here:


The air was so damp we couldn’t even get paper to burn, so we spent a rather chilly night (no cocoa by the fire!)…and then the rains came. We woke up to water in our tents and soaked sleeping bags. I had the beginnings of a cold and so we decided we would pack up later that day, head to the beach and skip back down to MA where we could sleep the night in a warm, dry cabin. Before packing up, though, we headed into town…first to try to find a part for the cookstove that was forgotten and then on to Bath, ME to check out the farmer’s market there.
Like everywhere we went, it was right on the water and I think I could totally live there. However, I was very disappointed that the sign saying "Chocolate Church" did not in fact lead to a place of chocolate worship. Just a regular church that happens to be painted the color of chocolate. Harumph. OMG, Stacey, it’s so not a church at all…we should have made a pit-stop! Take a look at Amanda’s comments! 

Anyway, we played on the beach:

…where aggressive gulls tried to steal our sunflower nut butter and raisin bread.

Then ended up here:

to play amongst young trees and sunshine…and maybe a wee thunderstorm thrown in the mix.

And in case you didn’t know…


I did succumb to the nasty cold, but am now on the mend. I don’t think I have quite the constitution to hold up to damp Maine summers. A very satisfying weekend, but next time we’re skipping Maine and just heading the short journey south to Mass…woodsy, watery and just as splendid.
eta: not because Maine isn’t totally amazing, but rather an hour drive is better than five hours when there are two young boys in the car!