I’ve been so disoriented with this move, I had to be reminded more than once of what was happening today…

Yes, I am that self-centered right now. It’s kind of hard not to be when there are monumental changes happening in my own tiny life. I wanted to get really excited and celebrate and all that…but…today was a school day for the little guy, which meant I had to take advantage of that time to make a run to the old house to feed the chickens and grab what I could (the chickens are still living there, 40 minutes away, until we finish building a coop for them over here. Funny, they seem happier and healthier than ever…), get back here, unload stuff, maybe unpack some of it, maybe store some of it, and then it was my night to cook dinner for the household, which I enjoy, but by the end of the day lately I feel I’ve run a marathon and wrestled with a dinosaur. Crafting, writing, thinking is not happening much until we get a bit more settled. Anyway, most every day is ridiculously over-scheduled….except now that we have a communal situation going, I am on cooking-duty for eight people two nights a week instead of three people every night of the week. I find it delightful and hope we continue the theme of community suppers even after we move into the cabin this summer. It’s so much more satisfying somehow, to cook for a larger group of people occasionally than smaller meals all the time.

So, dino-wrestling aside, I know this is the perfect thing for us right now. Our housemates are amazing and fabulous people and we jive in a million ways. I just think a week-long nap is in order, and the Magical Moving Faeries can finish things up for us while I sleep. Is that really too much to ask? 

In the midst of my current chaos, I finished something!
The Little Guy’s sweater…finally:

He’s already got it pretty well covered with bits of food and other oddments of fascinating texture and color, so I’m glad I was able to sneak a few pictures when it was fresh.