Don’t Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk…

…isn’t that what Lux Interior always warned us about?

So, choose the safer route and just eat stuff out of your own backyard. Like, these rubbery space-alien entrails, for instance:

Really, I thought these mushrooms were quite fascinatingly beautiful…Black Elfin Saddles aka False Morel. This is a photo after boiling (to release potential tummyache-inducing compounds into the water), and before cooking, and the photo doesn’t translate the seaweed-y quality very well, all the infinite, curling folds. They were plucked from the backyard, served with dinner, and the several members of the household who tried them were less than impressed. Not much flavor of their own, but a decent enough vehicle for delivering butter and garlic to your mouth. If I’m risking potential discomfort, though, I want my socks knocked off, so we’ll probably be leaving the rest of these in the ground.

Yesterday, the Boy actually asked for his embroidery and we spent quite a bit of the late morning stitching away. It has never held his attention for so long and while he stitched away, something happened in my own hoop that prompted C to make a comment that, in turn, prompted me to say, “What if we collaborate on _______?” And so we will. I am filled to bursting with a thousand and one ideas for this project that we have already reserved a little corner of Etsy for. It’s one of those why-did-we-not-think-of-this-before kind of ideas, and it promises to be FUN as well as challenging and fulfilling. We will open in February, and that’s all I’m telling you for now.

As for the “real job” hunt, C has some glowing letters of recommendation headed his way and some contacts to pursue. I’ve also put feelers out to a few online friends up and down this coast because, well, you just never know. Someone might say something in a coffee shop or at the park or anywhere, really, or see an ad and pass the information along. We’re throwin’ it out there, Universe, and we’re actually enjoying it. Here is our opportunity to start a brand new life and we have no idea where it’s going to happen. Instead of allowing myself to be terrified of the Unknown, I’ve decided to really get into playing this game…absolutely anything can happen!

Since things didn’t work out on the farm, I am donating every penny of last year’s raffle to an organization that helps the homeless…I had held off because I believe the most important way to be of service is within one’s own community, and I was waiting to become part of a community again, myself. But, since I’m here in the Bay Area for a short while longer, I am part of this community and so I will make my donation here, most likely to the Contra Costa Crisis Center or the Bay Area Rescue Mission or a combination of the two. I’ll contact all of the participants and let you know where your dollars have gone!

Today, we will bake (gluten-free romano crackers), paint, spin and explore the Shell Ridge Open Space (this has become the Boy’s favorite spot, which is awesome, because it’s one of ours, too). Phone calls have been made, messages left, and so we shall fill our day with the riches that surround us. And quiet.