Little House, Rain Day

We’re almost through The Long Winter. Tonight we read two chapters, as we were all totally engrossed, fascinated, horrified and wondering why they don’t just eat the cow already and spare themselves the suffering that must come of a diet consisting of bread alone. The Boy listened intently to the description of Laura’s emotional state after months of deprivation and said, “It sounds like she wants to be dead. Like she wants to be nothing, like she wants to be earth.” She wants to be earth.

I love how he can extract that perfect little nugget of meaning from the lengthy prose.

In other news, I’ve had that Spring craving for greens greens greens. I whipped up a raw dandelion green “tapenade” with lemon juice, garlic and olive oil…

It’s really excellent on crackers with some chevre. I find it needs something creamy to cut the bitterness, but otherwise, quite yummy.

And C just keeps on baking…

…and I keep drooling and whimpering.

Rain day today…squash are planted out…cookies will be baked…popcorn popped…mud enjoyed…a cardboard spaceship built (this request just in).