Into the light…


Solstice came and went in a haze of nasty-head-cold-brain, misty rain, and spilled tea. It also came with silver linings, pumpkin soup, rainbow birthday candles in the Yule log, and lovely neighbors bearing guacamole and pineapple.

It’s usually the day I spend setting down my intentions for the new year, but I needed rest, and that’s okay. I can do that today or tomorrow or the next day, and it will be okay. Certainly, one of the key themes for 2014 will be gentleness. 2013 was full of sharp edges, and some of them, perhaps most of them, were honed on my own strop.

I’m ready for rounded corners, clear direction, and fair winds to bear me. I’m ready to be kind to myself, to give more, and to connect more deeply with my community. I’m ready to forgive myself for not being where I thought I would be when, long ago, I imagined my life at 35.


I can release the clamps, and the glue will hold.



[dɛkt] transitive verb
1. Decorate or adorn brightly or festively: “Ingrid was decked out in her Sunday best”.

2. Knock (someone) to the ground with a punch.

We fit the bill on both counts around here.

It was well into the month before we worked up enough Christmas Spirit to start bringing out the cheer. A little bit of snow and freezing rain curtailed tree-cutting plans, but rather than waiting until another weekend came around, we made an after-dark run to a nearby farm and cut the tree down by the car headlights. Except for my interpretation of the Advent Calendar this year, it’s just about all the decking we’ve managed for our hall-less abode. But it’s perfect, and nothing  makes me feel like a warm fuzzy quite like a lit-up Christmas tree. Btw, all ornamentation pales in comparison to the Disco Dino. I wish my tree was full of them.

The festive feeling had been postponed, partly, by the Pointy-Eared One with Many Names. Man, that kitten was sick. For days the poor thing couldn’t or wouldn’t eat. The vet could see nothing wrong without some major testing, so we gave him one more day. Lo, the next morning he ate his breakfast and he’s been ravenous and a royal Pain in the Arse ever since. Then, the kiddo went down and he went down hard. He curled up in front of the wood stove and slept for an entire day…a little hot coal on the floor. Now he’s right as rain and I’m exhausted. I have too little time for too many tasks…especially this one. I have no idea how I’m going to pull it off, between school being out tomorrow and vending the Christmas Eve farmer’s market downtown. Where are the elves when I need them? And why do I wait so long to start these projects?

I have managed only to post spinning kits in the shop over the last few days…my new felt model, mentioned in the previous post and soon to be revealed, had three kiddos down with the awful fever thing and then there was our time with The Sick and well…the time has just run out. There are a couple yarns left, but most of the yarns I managed to list were snatched up quickly (THANK YOU!!!) and I’m scrambling to get some loveliness ready for this Friday’s market. I have so many fresh ideas for 2011, though, and cannot wait to share them with you. There are many exciting new projects in varying stages of readiness that will see the light in the coming weeks.

Falklands fluff ready for your wheel!!!

Okay, so here’s our Advent Tree…really just branches we collected and put in a vase. We strung it with popcorn and cranberries and, each night before bed, we hang a glittery star on it…when the bowl is empty of stars, it’s Christmas Eve! I’m really hoping to find an extra day or two between now and then (I’m sure I just misplaced one somewhere), but I don’t regret for a moment the time I’ve spent this holiday season healing the sick (ha ha) or celebrating with friends instead of running my business. Last night was an enchanting Solstice Hay Ride at Fair Winds Farm followed by a sweet and cozy potluck with beautiful people I’m so happy to have back in my life.  I broke out some of my quince for the occasion, as such a taste of flowers and peaches seemed ideal for welcoming back the light.

I wish you all the joy the season can bring!