…with Heather over at Beauty that Moves.

Inspired by the Hibernate workshop, my little family is going to enjoy a sweet Midwinter Retreat tomorrow. Our weekends are always filled with demanding projects after a hectic work week. We are like ships passing. Quickly. And before we know it, we’re starting the madness all over again. There’s always time to rest next weekend, right? No, not usually. Not unless we enforce a law of rest upon it. So, here I am. Enforcing it.


There is really nothing extraordinary happening, and that is the beauty of it. We talked about how we would like to spend our time had we no commitments or time-sensitive projects to attend to. It was almost laughable how simple the answers were. There will be bread baking, journaling, knitting, hiking, and Lego building. There will be board games and hot cocoa, yoga and lentil soup. The flow of our day is structured, yet free.


And yes, poring over seed catalogs and garden planning is written in somewhere.

Pancake batter is already made, lentils soaked, and berry chia pudding (recipe Monday!) is heading into the fridge for midday enjoyment. Tonight we’ll clean, bring wood in, and generally try to create an environment that is extra super especially easy to live in for a quiet day of indulging in joyful rest. We’ll revel in the warmth of a predicted 31 degree high before temps plummet in a couple of days.

Do you need to force yourself to rest, or does it come naturally to you?