round and round


Thanks to all who stopped by the Madison Wool booth at Stitches East today. It was lovely to spend Sunday spinning up fiber dyed up by the five-year-old version of my son. I have spent the last three+ years just looking at it, and right now there are four bobbins full waiting for a morning ply. O is excited for his handiwork to appear in my shop!


Stitches East!

Popping in quick to let you know this fun fact:

I’m all packed up and heading down to spend tomorrow at Stitches East, demonstrating spinning and, also, plopping a pile of my wares into the Madison Wool booth (#312).

Will I see you there?



Sunday’s hours are 10-4pm. Today (10am-6pm), you can catch Ashley Martineau at the Mad Wool booth and have her sign your copy of Spinning and Dyeing Yarn!

Stitches East and, oh hey…we’re moving!

Indie Spun is on at Stitches East THIS WEEKEND! Right now, in fact!

Booths #318 and 320, today through Sunday. Click on the link above for all the details. I won’t be there in person this year, but my yarns and batts are there at the booth in company with many other fabulous indie fiber artists. Be sure to check out the vendor bios on the Indie Spun blog and then go check out the event!

Pardon my absence and my lack of keeping you all in the loop, but we have been preparing for another cross-country move. It’s back to the green mountains of Vermont for us, and the prep has been all-consuming, especially with fiber events to get ready for at the same time. So, the shop will remain open, but shipping is suspended until Monday, November 8th. Of course, all my yarns and batts are you-know-where, but there’s hand dyed top and fiber clubs still hanging out in the shop until I get the studio unpacked.

By the way, it’s amazing what a little paint will do…

I don’t know what’s sexier…the man in the suit, or the Volvo now that she’s put back together. More on these things later. In the meantime, wish us luck on the journey and we’ll see you on the other coast!


It’s 1AM…do you know where your business cards are?

Finally dry and stacked, I was thankful to drag my bleary self to bed last night this morning. Tonight I’m in for a marathon pom-pom making session, tagging and inventory, tomorrow I ship and then I cross my fingers and hope for the best.

If you’re headed to Stitches East, we’re at Booth #318, IndieSpun! I wish I could be there in person with the gals, but alas, there are several things keeping me west-bound this time around.

To get me through these late nights, my brain dances around visions of reunion…every moment of wee-hour effort will help us get closer.

There was a sweet yet brief visit for C’s birthday. A surprise trip down being, of course, a good excuse to experiment with a gluten-free version of my favorite brownie recipe in lieu of a more traditional cake. We are not cake people. The Little Guy sifted through the vast and magical candle drawer and chose a few to his liking:

It was a bit dense, as g-f tends to be…but otherwise quite lovely. This was before I discovered that the Whole carries coconut flour, so there will be some further exploration in the realm of the Perfect G-F Brownie.

I miss this smile in my daily life more than anything:

It’s all the little things that are missing and they add up to one Big Heartache. A moment to share a thought, an idea, a worry. A stolen hug or a knowing glance. Communication without words.

And for them it’s even more important to be in each other’s physical space.

Time to distract myself with Busy.