On their way…

…to Stitches:

…and that’s where my stuff will be. Come and play, West Coasters. Wish I could be there helping out at the booth, but the stars weren’t properly aligned for a visit to the Homeland. But, please say hello to Jamie and Blas of Urban Fauna Studio…they are awesome! 

Here are some things I sent out for the show:

All manner of goodies. Hard to put several weeks worth of work into a box and send it out into the world. I put a great deal of love into creating this round (as I do every time I spin or felt), and will get to work again this weekend preparing a shipment of felt for the Quilt Show the following weekend. I will be offering more pieces of fabric in my shop, as well. Any input on good sizes for craftspeople to work with are welcomed! I’m just sort of winging it and offering random sizes.

I’m feeling a bit more relaxed since my last emotional post…especially taking to heart something mbernadette said in her comment…that (and I’m embellishing a bit here) it’s just not worth it to make myself miserable in the present over a past that no longer exists or a future that hasn’t happened yet. Right now I am surrounded by good friends, good food, a beautiful roof over my head, swirling snow flurries dancing outside, warm tea in my belly, and more ideas in my head than I have time to bring to fruition. As confused about the future as I am, as much as I can glorify the recent past, thing right now and right here are just as they should be, comfortable and full of blessings if I just allow myself to see them.

And mbernadette , darlin’, here is how Rapunzel spun up:

Soft, squishy camel. Yum.

And sarahcoyne , I almost named this one after you, as it screamed "SARAH’S COLORS!"…perhaps a bit more teal-y and green-y in real life than in the pic:

It’s time to go back to the "house" the Little Guy built for us behind the couch. It’s cozy and warm and safe from the gale a’blowin’ outside. Complete with a comfy bed (a big piece of wood with a small pillow), a potty (ottoman) a roof (chair) and a place to keep my tape measure.

Happy Friday, all.


In less than two weeks, a renter will be moving into the farmhouse. OUR house. The place where my son went from little blob of baby jelly to walking, talking, thinking small person, the place where I started my business, learned how to can veggies and make jam, the place where we buried my furry best friend…I don’t know if I can handle this. It seemed like we needed, more than anything else, to get out of there. Townshend was a very lonely town for me…Crispin always gone and no neighbors on the same page or even reading the same book as I…driving, always driving to go somewhere else, anywhere else. And now I miss everything about it, the great old barn and my gigantic studio with lime green walls…even the slate floor that broke every time we walked across it and the traffic and the lumpy bumpy backyard. Especially now that we are living with another family (who are awesome, btw), I miss quiet mornings, just the three of us. It only ever happened on the weekends, but I ache for those mornings. I know I felt so trapped there, but it’s hard to remember that right now. I just wish I knew if we’ve made the right decision. I wish I felt confident that things are going to be better for us because we’ve made this decision. I wish I wasn’t up at 1AM typing this through a sea of tears, but I cannot seem to let myself come to a place of acceptance. What’s done is done and there is no going back, so somehow I need to find a way to shelve this and think about the Spring and fixing up the cabin…get excited about it all somehow. There are seeds to order and fresh snow in the morning. So many things to look forward to in the coming months if I can just let this go. 

Happier things in the morning.
I have photos to share of the goods that went West for Stitches.

My boy said "I love you SO much" today. Then he said, "Mama, you’re hugging me too hard."