out of touch…

boo wind that knocked down the tree that broke the DSL.


i am catching five seconds at the tea lounge before it closes. have been trying to upload photos to flickr but damn if this free wifi isn’t slower than dial-up.

in short:
am having massively difficult time with moving preparations. mostly i just cry and cry and cry. i know c needs to get home for his sanity’s sake…it may just cost me my own.

the little guy is obsessed with gore. more on that later.

twist and MDSW are both this weekend. cripes.
mostly ready, though, miraculously enough.

i have things to show you but i CAN’T.

this tree, btw, broke the DSL, like, five days ago. i might tear my face off.

it’s okay, though…i’ve been needing to write for myself lately, and being cut off certainly facilitates that.

hope all is well with everyone….