It’s snowing.

I prefer this, because if it’s going to be so damn cold, there might as well be something to show for it.

Cranberries sauteed in butter + honey + yogurt = mmmmmmmmmmm.

Have discovered a brand new level of stress. Moving plus preparing for craft shows = panic attack. I have managed to squeeze in dyeing and felting here and there, but feel woefully unprepared for BBB. Hope to make up for it this week. Really, though, I think I will have a ton more product than I did for last year’s SFBB, so panic probably unwarranted.

Have learned that the barn/studio I will have available to me has a moth problem due to previous improper storage of wool/clothing/books. Am NOT bringing my wool in the first wave of moving, but rather will leave it in my current studio until problem is resolved. Thinking about trying to work through a good deal of my stash and storing the rest in those vacuum seal "space bags" or whatever they’re called, so that I can keep them in our part of the house without taking up too much room until eradication is completed in the studio area. It is simply not worth the risk of contamination. Otherwise, the studio space is beautiful, so I’m hoping it’s cool with my friends to turn off the heat and let the place freeze for a week. That would off the bastards. Any input in regards to those hateful creatures is appreciated!

Am excited to have a show-buddy accompanying me to BBB who knows her way around the area (and who is generally awesome). Am no longer terrified of making the drive to the big city. Hooray!

Wow. It’s really snowing.

Pictures! From the felting workshop!

Odd-sized pics, yes…I stole them from the Knit or Dye website.