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just a quickie to let you know i’ve updated the shop with a few yarns, and there’s more to come tomorrow. more about the weekend and the thoughts it inspired after a good night’s rest.



Day 2, and Don’t Bite on Stuff from the Duck House (isn’t that a Cramps song?)

Firstly, thank you all so much for your thoughtful responses to my previous post. Your talk of baked pumpkins, applesauce, and knitting projects has me feeling dreamy and ready to cast on a sweater.

I had hoped to bring you this second installment of my Squam experience sooner, but the curve balls, lately…they are flying at me from all directions. This weekend was completely absorbed by caring for creatures great and small, stacking an unexpected delivery of wood before the rain, coming into free tomatoes and getting them put up (still not done), while shuttling my husband to and fro the hospital, late nights for the boy (with the bonus of snuggles when Papa was at the ER), and bleary, sleepless nights for me. Said husband contracted salmonella. Ugh. Please, whatever you do, don’t get salmonella. It’s awful. Terrible. There’s nothing you can do except ride it out, but C was in so much pain and so dehydrated, that I finally just brought him down to the ER so they could get some liquid back into him and bring his blood pressure up. It was a good move. I should note that, in this case, the infection did not come from food. It was a daring, early-morning (as in, all synapses not yet firing), duck rescue involving using teeth to release said duck from a tangle of twine.

(and I know the song is Don’t Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk, but I think it applies, yeah?)

Sometimes, I feel like I’m in some sort of tragi-comic graphic novel. The author is pushing the line of just how much this little family can take. This is one of the least-desirable weeks for C to miss several more days of work. We were also taking care of our neighbor’s goats, some of them needing to be milked. I had never milked a goat. I did try, though. What a disaster. All I succeeded in doing was pissing off the goat and getting head-butted. I still have not milked a goat.

During a particularly off moment, O and I will press the Do Over button. I wish I could press the Do Over button on my entire week. Right now, I would probably give a kidney to be right back here:


Just for a moment. To breathe. To bathe my fatigue in the lake. To laugh with Miranda, who posted a picture of my backside. And to pretend, for just a moment, that I feel I am master of my own fate instead of a helpless character in someone else’s hilarious story.


Sit on the edge of the dock with me here, and everything else will melt away. This little piece of the planet is yours to inhale and exhale.

It was a really intense and fantastic day, my second day at the Taproot Gathering. I took a class called The Map Home, tenderly guided by Julia Shipley. I signed up for the class because I knew it would involve prompted writing and sharing, which would be a huge challenge for me, and also because my sense of home has been a blurred and messy place in my heart for the last decade.

This class stirred me up, and Julia created a space that made each one of us feel safe in our vulnerability and held as we explored the idea of home and our sense of place in past, present, and future. There were tears and revelations, laughter and moments of silence. All of it was perfect.


During our mid-day break, I explored a little around “home”base, and came upon spontaneous artful arrangements of woodsy litter.


And delighted in the beauty of the organic forms all around me. When I saw this mushroom, I wished I were a 1/4″ tall.

During the second half of class, I wrote a piece (well, I should say that it’s the beginning of something) that I was encouraged to share during Lodge Night that evening. There was a fashion show of sewn pieces, and then a few of us willing to read our own words. Into a microphone.


I thought I would throw up, but I made it through, even with laryngitis and pitifully shaking hands. I’m glad I was encouraged, and I even thought about Next Time once I sat down.


It was unedited, written in a 20-minute period, which is how I usually write.

Oh, and then Stephanie Pearl-McPhee took the stage and she was funny and charming and hey, guess what? She’s a very lovely person and I’m glad to have met her.


Once I relaxed, the evening festivities were exactly the right way to end a day of perfection and open up connections beyond my class and housemates. I felt inspired in so many ways by so many people and words and visions that I’m still processing my experiences.

There’s more, but here:

PicMonkey Collage

I brought some things home with me. For you.

Click the collage to get to my shop. Enjoy.


Oh, and the Taproot/yarn giveaway? Random Number Generator says Kelly gets it! She wrote: “The children love collecting, so when we gather all of our nature-gifts and start putting together an acorn or leaf garland really tells them it’s time for autumn. And the wool socks… putting on those wool socks is a sure sign that the barefoot season is coming to a quick end.”

Congrats, Kelly!

Managed it…

…through the haze of my fever-y evening: an update (of the Etsy variety).

I would really love NOT to be sick. I’m not very good at it. I’m a grumping, miserable patient, especially when C is gone doing the last bit of clean-out of the farmhouse and I’m left to keep the little guy entertained or at least prevent him from abusing his house-siblings. He was very easy-going, however, when he got in touch with his feminine side and dressed up as a Queen in his playsilks:

And yes, that’s a dragon costume hanging up behind him, and yes, I wish it fit me.

atomhearteve put some funny ideas in my head, and now I am pining for redwoods and California granite.

Although, there is an 8-year-old who’s really excited about teaching me to ski today. I’m anticipating some hilarious moments.


It was warm enough in the studio today to play with the carder for more than five minutes. Hooray for a little teaser thaw!

I made these:

Some are for my shop and some are for Urban Fauna

I have been absent, yes. Winter melancholy is really sinking in…it was warm today, the moonlight is bright and sparkling, but another snap of cold is sure to follow, and it turns me inward…I am ready for Spring and planting veggies and opening windows and muddy boots and only two layers of clothing instead of six.

I hate to say it, but we’re still moving…there is a renter moving in March 1st, though, so we have added impetus to complete the process and just be done with it already. One of us has to get out there each day to feed the chickens, who are still holding down the old fort, waiting for their chicken coop to be finished on this side of Hwy 9.
C has been sick on his days off every week for the past three weeks, hence the slow progress…on pretty much everything. It’s hard for him to get well when every exposed orifice gets filled with shredded paper all day. He’s always pulling chunks of it out of his eyes and ears, constantly blowing it out of his nose. Gross.
However, after the job he’s working on is finished, it looks like his hours will be pretty dramatically cut. The economic crisis has finally trickled it’s way down into the cellulose insulation industry.

So. I’m getting my arse in gear, applying to shows and regularly updating the ol’ Etsy. Starting with tonight’s ball update and continuing with some yarn and felt scarves throughout the week.

Oh, and I tried hanging out with a new friend:

Apparently we have zero chemistry. Needless to say, our relationship is already suffering. Sigh. We’ll try to work it out, though, so no details for now.

Mr. Lendrum, however, has come through above and beyond…LOVE HIM. New parts are on the way to me now, at no charge. LOVE HIM.

And now I shall attempt to rest even though the night seems brighter than the day and this giant round moon makes me crazy. Chocolate cookies have been washed down with peppermint tea and the house kitties are on the prowl, waiting for me to turn off the light so they can use their night eyes.

I’ll leave you with this:

I made a hat. (Rav link)
I love it.


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.
When life gives you snow and with it a "snow day" from school, you make snow angels with the kiddo.

This is my fourth winter in Vermont, and I finally have my first real snow bib. It makes laying down in the snow a whole heckuva lot more enjoyable. I used to just be wet and miserable after spending time playing in the snow, but here I am warm and dry after angel-making, sled-pulling and mountain-building. I have now experienced the value of Proper Attire.

Spinning is happening, as usual, but felting is on hold until I get some more nylon tulle in the mail. I cut it all up for the nuno-felt workshop this past weekend at the LYS
I’m still getting used to this teaching gig…I was all tied up in anxiety knots before class started…I always wonder, will they enjoy the class? will i give them enough to go on so they feel the class was worth it? My process has always been so intuitive, I feel I have difficulty giving guidance on the aspects of design. BUT, for all my worrying, everyone seemed to have a really excellent time, and left with some beautiful pieces of felt. I left the class with a blank "canvas" for a gift wool "painting" and a pair of awesome pulse warmers…pics soon as I sew on the buttons. They are for teeny-tiny wrists, but I’ll get them in the shop in the next couple of days. I even updated last night…a couple of things leftover from BBB that won’t be on their way to consignment…

like this and this and this

I scored some awesome patterned silks the other day, so there is definitely more felt on the way, a new line of yarns for January and soon, some small-batch handpainted yarns spun from locally, humanely raised corriedale and alpaca at the local Spinnery.
I think I might request a 3-ply worsted weight. I’m not a sock knitter, and I’m pretty sure there are already plenty of folks that provide handpainted sock yarn to those insane people who actually enjoy using those itty-bitty needles. I will admit that I traded for some sock yarn from Woolerina at the BBB, and that it’s BEAUTIFUL, and that I will try again to knit a whole pair of socks this time, but I would rather work with the heavier-weight yarn for my own dyeing and usually for my own knitting.

In the meantime, there’s this whole holiday thing I’m not ready for, a few custom orders, moving (the day after Christmas) and then a trip to Cali to see family during New Year’s week.

Perhaps better to go back out in the snow and think about all that other stuff tomorrow.

the weekend…

Where to begin.
I tend to believe there are reasons for everything.
Apparently, I didn’t attend Art Star because I needed to have a glorious spat with my husband in the morning, right before taking off for market. Okay, it was more like…a fight. Like, we said hurtful things to each other in awful voices. And then stormed off in separate directions with our little boy all freaked out and confused. AWFUL. And about something totally unimportant (so it seems to me now).
We just don’t do things like that. Ever.
I know we’re abnormal, never having arguments or disagreements about anything, but it felt like the most terrible thing.
I set up for what was a bummer of a market day (forecasts for penny-sized hail and cloud-to-ground lightning kept people away, although it ended up not even starting to rain until the very end), and I waited anxiously for C and the Little Guy to show up.
When they did, we just held each other and I cried a bunch and suddenly we all felt amazing. It was very weird.
We are both bottlers.
I guess we’ve been fermenting and just needed to pop the cork and release some tension.
Our life has been so stressful this past year.
I also think it was good for the Little Guy to observe some conflict/resolution. It’s so rare in this house.
We’re all still riding that, feeling great, like a weight has been lifted.
So, I missed out on making some money/connections/whatever this weekend, but it seems obvious now that staying home was…somehow necessary.
I need to stop holding onto every little negative feeling and keeping it locked up inside me. It’s like poison.
I wish C could farm full-time. I wish we didn’t need the job that makes him feel like all the most interesting, creative parts of himself are dying, that makes him so tired he can’t do the work he really wants to do.
Baby steps.
Lettuces and mustard greens:

We’ll make it through the other side of this, I know.

At least I made some pretty things:

I managed an update, although not as large as I’d planned…some yarns and a few scarves. I have several things that need some attention from my camera…new cards and some other little goodies. Next time.

I have completed a pdf version of the hat pattern I posted about a while back…I have absolutely no idea how to get it up on Ravelry or even onto my website. It’s free, so if anyone wants me to send it via email, let me know. I’ll play around and see if I can figure out how to make it more accessible.

C is home today, so we’re going to complete our planting…most importantly, the bean seeds around the Little Guy’s Bean Teepee:

Can I please be three now, and play in my sandbox in the cool shade of vining bean plants? Lucky duck.

Ta for now, and happy Monday y’all.