What Can I Say?

I fell off the face of the earth.

But only for a little while.

There was a show. The organizers are lovely folks and the location was awesome. I hope they continue with it, as I’m sure if it were a regular fixture, there would be more traffic to the event. We’ll see!

At said show, I debuted Crewel and Unusual:

Items will be added to the new shop tonight. Here is a sneak:

Flower Faeries were made and we celebrated the first day of Spring with a feast (oh, asparagus, how I love thee).

The recipe for these creatures can be found in The Children’s Year, a very awesome resource for seasonal crafts. The Boy helped sew the seams and didn’t mind at all that I made a blue snowdrop and a pink violet.

Today is Swag-making for the next event and other such obligation-filling/errand-running.

I hope it’s just as sunny where you are…